Marketing path

There are many paths to enter the world of Marketing. 

I began my marketing career with fast-moving consumer goods (FMCGs), which has helped me in the following ways:

Marketing is at the table – early and often
⦿ Marketing is thought to be strategic and is at the table right away in the world of packaging goods. 
⦿ Customer centricity is not a concept. There are no decks to persuade anyone of the importance of the customer to the business. The customer IS the centre of the enterprise. 
⦿ You begin with the customer insight and work your way up.

⦿ When I first started at BAT, it was a training ground where I learned the fundamentals of marketing. You were able to cross train and interconnect. 
⦿ I learned marketing competencies in trade marketing, brand marketing, customer insights, marketing finance AND manufacturing
⦿ You manage your brand’s P&L and essentially become the Brand CEO
⦿ If you work for a global company like BAT, you get to work on incredible global brands with a very structured way of thinking and a more theoretical approach to marketing. 
⦿ You also learn to be leaders in order to have influence because there are so many players that you interact with on an ongoing basis.

The stuff you market is real
⦿ There is nothing worse than having a product spoil on you. You gain knowledge of the levers that influence sales, and the real impact that marketing has on the firm. In contrast to Financial Services, the presence of a real product conveys this point in a very tangible way. 
⦿ Similar to strategy, you start with an agile way of working. There is no guidebook and there is no theory. To generate revenue, developing new SKUs is part of the job description. Your product is intended for frequent use, typically consumed rapidly, have a high demand and low price. You are taught the principles and the value of experimenting in order to be agile. You gain knowledge by doing.

💭No two FMCGs are alike, much less two companies; the company (and brand) for which you work should provide possibilities to grow, learn, and DO. 

⚪️ When you practise your craft, learn from experience, receive feedback, as well as when you read enough, collaborate with or speak with experts, you increase the diversity and number of inputs, and this is when you begin to generate new ideas and connect the dots.

Regardless of your chosen career path, the key is variation.