Chasing Stars or Finding North

Marketing isn’t about chasing every new trend. It’s about understanding the fundamentals – your core, your audience, and how best to connect the two. Ground your strategies in these unchanging axioms and chart a path to genuine, lasting connection.

I’ve been in the marketing trenches for a good while now, engaging with everyone from startup enthusiasts to CMOs of giant corporations. A common pattern I’ve noticed: many are infatuated by the superficial ‘twinkles’ in marketing.

Ask why stars twinkle. If you believe it’s something to do with the stars themselves, you’re missing a fundamental. It’s our Earth’s atmosphere. Just as many miss the fundamentals in marketing, getting distracted by the latest buzz or platform.

It’s not always their fault. The world of marketing is flashy, with a relentless parade of new tools and tactics that often eclipse its core principles. These principles might not make headlines or flashy conference topics, but they remain the bedrock.

Let me break this down, with a caveat: while marketing evolves, some truths remain:

The ‘Twinkling Star’ Trap

Why the obsession with every new marketing fad? Because they’re shiny, exciting, and promise instant success. But just as the Earth’s atmosphere creates the illusion of twinkling stars, these tactics can divert us from our core mission.

The True North of Marketing

⇢ Value Proposition: Know what you’re selling. What unique value are you offering? If you can’t define it, your audience won’t either.

Audience Insight: Talk to, not at, your audience. Understand their world, their needs, their challenges.

Trust: In our noisy digital age, authenticity isn’t just good; it’s gold. Realness draws people in.

Are We Even Asking The Right Questions

Like the twinkling stars, in marketing, we often miss the point.

It’s not about how many platforms or things you make, but the efficacy of your brand message across them. Marketing isn’t about chasing every trend that comes along. It’s rooted in understanding your essence, your audience, and bridging the two effectively. When you’re anchored in these fundamentals, every new tool or tactic becomes a means to an end, not the goal.