Gall’s Law

Dr. John Gall, a pediatrician with a knack for systems, came up with this gem: “A complex system that works is always found to have evolved from a simple system that worked.” The key takeaway? If you try to design a complex system from scratch, expect a train wreck.

Great, but what’s this got to do with marketing

EVERYTHING. Picture this: You’re excited. You design a mega marketing campaign with all the bells and whistles. Result? It’s confusing, and nobody gets it.

The Marketing Magic of Simplicity

Start Small, Dream Big: Begin with a straightforward campaign. Test it, learn from it, and then slowly add layers as you go.

Complex Doesn’t Mean Better: A fancy, multi-layered strategy sounds impressive, but it’s the simple, relatable ones that hit home.

Iterate, Don’t Overhaul: When things go awry, tweak your campaign based on feedback, but don’t scrap everything.

Adopting Gall’s thinking means crafting strategies from simple, effective foundations. No more starting from zero. No more unnecessary complications.